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Savanna Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the largest Zambian owned broking firms uniquely present in the Zambian insurance market, with international service capacity through their Correspondent Contracts with some of the largest insurance broking firms in the world.

Licensed by the Pensions and Insurance Authority and a member of the Insurance Brokers Association in Zambia. The broking firm was registered on the 18th November 1993 when the Insurance Industry was liberalized and commenced operations on the 1st July 1994.

Savanna enjoys the capacity and experience to provide all the insurance broking services common to the insurance broking profession as evidenced by our international client portfolio and the services we provide to them.

We enjoy the confidence and good relationships with all insurers in the Zambian market and many insurers and reinsurers overseas, ensuring that our capacity to place common and unique insurance cover on the widest possible terms at the best possible rates supported by the best service available in the market.

We dedicate ourselves and our service to our clients, recognizing and providing for each client’s unique insurance and business needs ensuring complete protection of their assets and unforeseen liabilities.

We are an indigenous Zambian wholly owned and operated organization.

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